The Best Free Online Resources to Learn Chess

Are you new to chess and want a quick crash-course in the basics?  Or maybe you are an advanced player and want to polish the finer points of your game.  When it comes to learning anything, chess especially, nothing compares to 1-on-1 attention from the world’s best. Having an expert guide your thinking is an invaluable advantage when it comes to learning something new.  However not everyone learns through the same methods.  This blog will highlight some of the best free online resources to learn chess, sorted by learning style.

If you prefer reading:  

  • Chess has been written about for centuries, and the books continue to improve in quality!  You can learn general theory or even search for specific topics that interest you.  Free e-books exist, even from all the way back from 1905!  
  • Sites exist solely to provide free beginners tips, ex:

If you prefer watching:  

If you prefer doing:  

  • , , all offer opportunity to play against real people around the world, and against computer programs.  In addition, these sites offer many free puzzles and lessons to improve your chess. Other features include Chess Tempo’s  “Guess The Move” where you play through famous games from the world’s best.

    By Alessandro Migliuolo

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