ChessGuides makes a statement on Titled Tuesday!

ChessGuides makes a statement on Titled Tuesday!

On July 7th 2020, one of our master ChessGuides Armin Mušović played in the Titled Tuesday Tournament on, which is the best online chess tournament for players with a master title. Armin beat grandmaster Amin Tabatabaei in the second round. The final position in the game is shown above. This was Amin’s only loss in the first 6 rounds of play, and later Amin finished the tournament in 2nd place right after Fabiano Caruana, with the same number of points. Amin also qualified better than Hikaru, Grischuk, Alireza, Karjakin, and many other elite chess players. In knockout final, Amin lost against Nakamura 2:1, and again finished in 2nd place in the tournament.  Read more about Amin Tabatabaei here, and see his FIDE profile here.

You can see Armin and Amin’s game at this link:

Armin’s comments on the critical moment of the game, moves 16 and 17 (shown below): “Amin blundered with 16. …Ng6?, leaving 17.Rd2! for White; bishop cannot be defended (on 17. …Re6 White has 18.c5!)”

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