ChessGuides Teams with Chess coach Edanur Cakal

February 2021

ChessGuides is thrilled to welcome Edanur Cakal as a chess coach in our cohort of guides. Eda has been playing chess since age 7. From an early age, she has demonstrated a high level of ability and achieved remarkable results.


She participated in a chess tournament for the first time at the age of 8 where she experienced a high level of excitement and started having a great desire to join bigger tournaments.

Since then, Eda started participating in national tournaments where she grew her Fide and national chess rating.

At the age of 18, Eda joined the Faculty of Economics at Hacettepe University where she established the chess club with 2 other students.

Thanks to the efforts of Eda and her friends, that small chess club grew to have hundreds of members in a couple of years. She still represents Hacettepe in Chess Leagues organized by Caturanga TV.

Eda has a remarkable experience in teaching chess to beginners. She knows the potential chess has in bringing people together.  Eda shares ChessGuides’ passion for mentoring children, having founded Chessevens to promote chess to children in the Turkish speaking world.

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