ChessGuides Teams with Chess coach Andrada Popa

Andrada Popa

Andrada Popa

ChessGuides is proud to have Andrada Popa as a chess coach in our team of guides. Ada has been playing chess since the age 10. In the same year, she participated in a chess tournament for the first time. From an early age, she has proven a high level of understanding and passion to the game.

Ada is only 21 years old but she has a plenty of chess achievements. She has 2 silver medals in Blitz and Raped on the national level in Romania in 2020. She got 1st place in the national school chess championship in 2017. In the same year, she was qualified for the World School Chess Championship, and more than 20 medals that she has been awarded while she was playing with the junior team in national championships.

In addition to her being a chess player, Ada is a 2nd year computer science student at the university of Bucharest and she helps her club to integrate chess into the e-sports section in her university.

Ada is an excellent chess teacher. Her great passion to the game and amazing personality gives the ultimate learning experience to her students, and because of her deep understanding to chess and the fun vibes that she creates during the lessons, Ada’s students keeps growing to exceed 1000 students in Romania and the world.

Ada is a unique talent with a lovely personality and limitless ambitions. She believes in the power of chess and she is on a mission to teach the game to millions of people (especially children) around the world in English, French and Romanian.

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