ChessGuides Teams with Chess coach Raghav Srivathsav Varayogi

Raghav Srivathsav Varayogi

Raghav Srivathsav Varayogi

April 2021

ChessGuides is thrilled to add Raghav Srivathsav Varayogi to our cohort of guides. Raghav is a 23 year-old Math degree graduate from India.

Raghav was introduced to the game by his parents at the age of 9. He demonstrated high level of concentration and calculation abilities which made him a talented chess player. Raghav participated in many tournaments on the international level in India as well as on the international level.

Raghav is a Guinness world record holder and also holds 5 Limca records in blindfold chess. On the top of all that, Raghav is a fast growing chess player with 2100 Fide rating and building up his business to help chess and other sports players participate in sports events around the world.

These are some of Raghav’s chess achievements:

  • Champion at Pathivara International Open Tournament 2020, Nepal
  • Runner-up at Rating Category – Gibraltar Chess Festival – Masters 2020, Gibraltar
  • Silver Medal at All India Inter University 2018, India
  • Runner-up at Hotel Bali International Chess Festival 2016, Spain
  • Champion at South Asian Amateur Chess Championship 2016, India
  • Silver Medal at Asian Schools u-11 Chess Championship 2008, Sri Lanka


Raghav is a qualified and dynamic mentor. He has been giving private tutoring for many years and has deep knowledge to the psychology of the game. He credits much of his success in life to chess and his goal is to share the massive impact of the game with the youth in India and the whole world.

“The impact of chess was more on my life rather than on the board” Raghav

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