ChessGuides Teams with Chess coach Tomas Kapitanchuk

Tomas Kapitanchuk

March 2022

ChessGuides is excited to add Tomas Kapitanchuk to our cohort of guides. Already a FIDE Master at only 19 years old, with one IM Norm already obtained.  Tomas is an International Business student at Buenos Aires University in Argentina.

Having began playing chess at age 6, Tomas enjoys the growth chess offers: sharing ideas & knowledge amongst peers… coaches and students alike.  His coaching style is challenging, the idea being to constantly test the student & detect their areas of opportunity for improvement and personal growth.

Student reviews of Tomas:

“Tomas is a fantastic coach. He is very personable, his lessons are very well designed and structured, and he takes time to answer all of your questions. We usually start with a tactic, and then go into reviewing master games and/or specific openings. He will tailor his lessons to what your needs are as well….”

“Great Coach, Tomas teaches always on the point such as tactics, openings based on your level…..he connects with his students.”

“I’ve been learning chess with Tomas for almost a year now, and every class has been a great experience. We study master games, do puzzles, and review my [personal] games.  Tomas answers any questions I have and challenges me to find the right idea at critical moments.”

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