Chess is back in Pittsburgh’s Market Square!

Chess is back in Pittsburgh’s Market Square starting April 5th 2022!!    Love chess or want to learn the simplicity of the game?  Come to Market Square downtown Tuesdays at noon (EST) & join the fun.

(Left to Right) Officers Shifren, Bradford, & Costa playing chess with Pittsburgh’s community.

Started by David Shifren, a Community Resource Officer for Zone 4, the weekly chess event hosted by Pittsburgh’s Police Department was a smashing success in 2021, bringing the community together over the board. Capturing the atmosphere perfectly: “It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, old or young, male or female.  Your race or ethnicity doesn’t matter when you sit down at a chess board.”

Shifren’s efforts were noticed globally, the international magazine New In Chess’ 2021 #4 highlighted “The Chess Police.” Pittsburgh once again at the forefront of innovation! 
Thank you to the Pittsburgh Police for supporting chess, and thank you to the moms & dads for supporting the next generation.
ChessGuides’ own Alessandro Migliuolo, playing the black pieces against a local hustler. ….Ne5 in this position led to 0-1.

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