About Us

Wisdom From Experience

ChessGuides’ goal is to bring the gift of chess to people, especially children, around the world.   

Our founders all played chess as children, the game that grows into a lifetime of learning. 

Chess... more than just a game.

There is psychology behind every game of chess, as in life.  The joy of play with peers, feeling the psychology in a game and moments in life.  That is learning .  That is growth.

Established Masters

ChessGuides delivers world class chess coaching. Children receive attention from the best.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Flexible scheduling around the clock, no matter your time zone! Our Guides are here for your needs and want to see you grow as a person!

Professional Results

Parents receive regular progress reports and tips for boosting their children's skills and successes.

Partners & Supporters

ChessGuides & students share eternal gratitude to those assisting our mission.

Our Vision

Provide an online chess community guiding people of all ages to Play, Learn, Grow.

Our Mission

ChessGuides is committed to donating any operating profits to promoting youth chess.

Famous Quotes

"The place of chess in the society is closely related to the attitude of young people towards the game."
Boris Spassky
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
Chinese Proverb
“You should remember that when you make a move, the opponent makes a move. And anything can change.”
Garry Kasparov
"Becoming successful at Chess allows you to discover your own personality. That's what I want for the kids I teach."
Saudin Robovic
"The essence of Chess is thinking about what Chess is."
David Bronstein