World Class Mentors

FIDE Master & FIDE Instructor
Armin Mušović
Languages: English, Crnogorski

Armin is a tournament player at the elite level. Formerly a three-time youth champion of Montenegro, Armin is proud to now teach chess full-time. Armin specializes in surprise tactics and unique approaches to winning chess. His style lends well to Blitz and Bullet chess, where Armin finished 3rd place at a national blitz championship. Armin has earn official 2022-2023 FIDE License Certificate to train at the proficiency level of FIDE Instructor. Read student reviews of Armin here.

Chess GrandMaster & FIDE Instructor
Luka Drašković​
Languages offered: English, Српски

The 2021 champion of Montenegro, Luka  is a GM with a FIDE rating of 2502 & over 16 years of experience. Luka has competed in the European Team Championships as well as multiple Olympiads.  When it comes to teaching chess, Luka is expert at dynamic play, and specializes in teaching the psychology behind life and chess:  concentration, motivation, will, and self-confidence.  Read student reviews of Luka here.

International Chess Master
Illia Golichenko
Languages: English, український, Русский

Bringing over 20 years of chess experience, Illia has already coached over 180 students from more than 40 countries, aged from 6 to 70, of all chess levels: beginners to advanced players rated over 2300.

Having a background in psychology Illia shows the connection of chess with life, and how students can use it in their lives.  During the lessons, emphasizing different psychological aspects of preparation and identifying difficulties. 
Read student reviews of Illia here.

Andrada Popa
Andrada Popa​
Languages: English, Română, Français

A rising star, Andrada has multiple medals at national team championships, and a Silver Medal at the Romanian Cup of 2019.  Her experience as instructor is deep, both in after-school programs and several associations.  Currently a computer science student at university, Andrada seeks to grow the online resources for children to learn chess.  

Alessandro Manzone_578_381
FIDE Chess Master
Alessandro Manzone
Languages: English, Española

Alessandro is a  former youth champion of Argentina. Bringing not only extensive experience in practical tournament play, Alessandro also has over 15 years of teaching experience. He believes in the analysis of one´s own games as a fundamental aspect of chess training, and considers the knowledge of the classics as an essential part of chess education. Read student reviews of Alessandro here.

Edanur Cakal​
Edanur Cakal
Languages offered: English, Türk

Eda has been playing chess since the age of 6.  Having co-founded a chess club at Hacettepe University, she still represents Hacettepe in Chess Leagues organized by Caturanga TV.  Eda knows the potential chess has in bringing people together.  Eda shares ChessGuides’ passion for mentoring children, having founded Chessevens to promote chess to children in the Turkish speaking world.

Raghav Srivathsav Varayogi
Raghav Srivathsav
Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu
Raghav has been playing chess in India since the age of 9. Having won several international tournaments, Raghav dedicated himself to professional chess. He has 5 Limca World Records in Blindfolded Chess, and is also a Guinness World Record holder since age 6. His aim is for students to enhance their thinking and play comfortably. Raghav is developing a tournament planning system for athletes in chess, and beyond!
foto ajedrez
FIDE Chess Master
Tomas Kapitanchuk
Languages: English, Española, Português

A university student in Argentina, Tomas is already a FIDE master at only 19 years old. Tomas has won National and South American Championships, and represented the Argentinian Olympic Team 3 times, obtaining one IM norm.  Tomas has been coaching for over 5 years, believing calculation is the most important part of chess, as it is always above strategy. Read more about his coaching style here.

International Chess Master
Aleksandar Tomić
Languages: English, Српски језик

A two-time Junior Champion (U21) of Montenegro, Aleksandar is striving to join his national team.  A blitz specialist, having accomplished official FIDE Master status in 2016 and IM in 2022.  Aleksandar has been teaching children for over five years, coaching students (U12 & U14) to Gold in Swiss Championship.  Read student reviews of Aleksandar here.

The Original Guides, Founders

Jon Naser & Alessandro Migliuolo

Languages offered: English, Italiano

Co-Founders Jon Naser (far right) and Alessandro Migliuolo (center back) have been playing chess together since they were students in middle school. They have championed chess: a game that teaches so much, and is FUN at all ages and skills! Their natural personalities as players provides the best of both worlds to students. Jon favors a studied, slow-tempo approach to the game, while Alessandro favors creative, fast-pace play.

See example tournament from 2006 where Jon & Alessandro led their local public school to 1st place in the region.