Seeing our students happy is the most beautiful gift we can receive.

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Parent & Student Reviews:

“We love your classes and glad to support you.”

- Shazia [parent of 5 year old student] (February 17th 2021)

“I sat with my son for his first lesson and was extremely impressed. Our chess guide, Luka Draskovic, certainly exceeded our expectations. We were surprised at how much we BOTH learned on just one sitting. He was patient and understanding. Chess lessons with Luka are absolutely a wonderful investment for anyone looking to improve their chess playing abilities, no matter what their age!”

- Mom: @littleforsolittle (December 2020)

“I really enjoyed my session with ChessGuides! Based simply on an introduction to chess, I can clearly see the critical thinking skills that are actively exercised as one plays chess. I really wish that I had learned as a child. I think it would have contributed some important long-term benefits in regard to my cognitive discernment. Not to mention it was so much fun! I can not wait to play again!”

-Natalia Gonzalez (November 2020)

“With all the closures and postponements due to COVID this summer, I was in search of fun and educational activities for my 9 year old daughter to participate in.  ChessGuides is exactly what I was looking and hoping for.  Not only has my daughter picked up new chess skills, she is learning critical thinking, problem solving and decision making all in a fun and controlled environment.  Their method of coaching is excellent and very engaging.  I would recommend ChessGuides to any parent looking for activities for their kids this summer and beyond. Thank you.”

- Tushar [parent of 10 year old student] (August 2020)

“Prior to Wednesday, we had absolutely zero experience with chess. None. Luka was our guide and within an hour we learned about the pieces and some basics of the game.   Our lesson was engaging and [Guide] Luka was patient and helpful.

After our lesson, our loudest said… ‘At some points it was confusing. Trying to learn the names and what each piece does is challenging. Chess is tough, but by the end of the lesson I understood more. I can see how chess can help with decision making and patience.’   A lesson with ChessGuides…would make a great birthday or holiday gift and because it’s online, can be accessed from anywhere.”

- Mom: “Mel” @inspiring.world.changers (November 2020)

After stepping away from the game for nearly a decade, ChessGuides has helped revive my love for the game of chess.  I really appreciate the personalized instruction, the attention to detail, and the focus on understanding key elements in each position.  Above that, it is a lot of fun.  I’d recommend ChessGuides to both serious players and to newcomers, and anyone looking to improve their game.  ChessGuides has really helped me rediscover my interest in chess. Thank you.”

- Matt Healy MD (July 2020)